Popsplaza.com women cardigans in alpaca baby alpaca, jacquard, intarsia knitted

Ladies  cardigans

Open cardigans, cardigans with button closure, short, midi and long versions made of the finest, warm and suave baby alpaca, alpaca, eco (baby) alpaca or in pima cotton.
Fine machine knitted in solid colors or with jacquard patterns. Artisanal and handmade cardigans, colorful handmade intarsia knitted cardigans with crocheted and embroidered details.

Most of our products are made in Peru from natural materials, fair trade and sustainable



Prices, include cost of shipping, standard delivery from our central stock in Lima Peru, 10-15 days to United States and Europe.
Fast delivery via DHL at additional cost, depending on the weight of the product (s).

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